Investment Cycle

Our asset management professionals evaluate possible real estate investments by looking at emerging markets and industries with the potential for exceptional returns. Our network of real estate agents, loan brokers, asset managers, and developers is wide and reliable.

  Due Diligence

We thoroughly investigate each possibility, evaluating the viability, finances, and track record of the developer. We only choose the projects that adhere to our high requirements.

  Financial and Legal Structuring

The financial structuring is optimized by our property management specialists, who also make sure that the project's legal agreements with the developer completely safeguard investors.


Our investor community is shown investments that adhere to our tight investing standards. A combination of investors, bank debt, the borrower, and co-investment from Kinship Partner Asset and Logistic Partners are used to finance these. Kinship Partner will underwrite agreements if a capital raise is not finished within the allotted timeframe for whatever reason. Thus, until the goal has been attained, Kinship Partner will assume responsibility for the risk and use its own assets.

  Project Monitoring

We keep an eye on the investments to make sure all milestones are met and that they are completed on schedule and within budget. If necessary, we have the resources, knowledge, and legal authority to intervene and restart initiatives.

  Regular Reporting

Investors can access information about their investments at any time by logging into the Kinship Partner Investor Portal. Additionally, in order to give investors complete access and transparency, we produce quarterly reports.

  Profit Distribution

Profits are distributed either during the course of the investment or after all the units have been sold. We want to return your money and profits to you as soon as we can so you can utilize them for your next project or to improve your lifestyle.