Why Invest With Us

  Our Investment Archetypal

Utilize Kinship Partner's Property and Logistic Co-Investment Archetypal to benefit from unrivaled returns and complete comfort on your investments. You have the option to select from a variety of projects with extremely low risk and flexible timeframes, assisted by our team of assets and logistics experts, providing you the opportunity to access the assets market with an unmatched level of clarity and simplicity.

  Kinship Partner’s Co-Investment Archetypal

When investing in large-scale development projects, possibilities, and freight services, there is typically a significant minimum investment amount. However, with Kinship Partner, you can invest as little as £1,000 and still receive a host of benefits. We collaborate by investing jointly with you our own capital in every project. Similar to this, we could only calculate profit if the project could actually be completed. Simply said, only your success serves as a good gauge of our interests. We are confident in our ability to achieve this goal through extensive due diligence and market expertise.

  Investor Portal

As they co-invest with us in the Investor Portal, we firmly promise to offer our investors a variety of asset and asset-related investment possibilities with low risk profiles, and our extensive network of capital and asset managers will be on top of your investment to maintain high profit.

  Zero (0%) Administration Fee

We understand the value of aligning our interests with those of our investors, which is why we don't charge any administration fees instead of splitting the profits with them. Naturally, Kinship Partner will only keep 10% of any earnings, which we thought was preferable to charging up front. After taking into account profits split, the revenues displayed on our website. We impose an initial administration fee of 2% of the investor funds in order to cover part of the transaction costs. This is done in order to permit and guarantee that all of your funds is truly invested and working for you during the project's timeline.

  Adequate Thoroughness

We must only present you with the most alluring investment alternatives since we have your best interests at heart. We make sure that every project goes through several extensive inspection steps, and we only present the projects that adhere to our strict requirements.

  History of success

We have an unrivaled and well-recognized track record of investing in assets and logistics in the UK. We are confident that You would like to invest alongside us and split the rewards.